RSL BEC Summer School bidding procedure

The RSL BEC Summer School is the longest running development project within Badminton Europe.

It is a combination of a training camp for the best U17 players in Europe and a Coach Education course. The Summer School is held every year in the month of July. 

Organizing a RSL BEC Summer School can provide many benefits to the host Member Association. 

Examples of these may include:
  • Increased awareness of badminton in the local community.
  • Opportunities for local organizers to gain knowledge and experience from BEC staff.
  • Opportunities for local organizers to meet members of the BEC Board.
  • Sharing knowledge and gaining experience in player development strategies.
  • Developing Coach Education in the country.
All of Badminton Europe’s 52 Member Associations have the opportunity of hosting the RSL BEC Summer School – allocation being made based on the submitted bid. 

Badminton Europe gives its Member Associations the opportunity to bid for a RSL BEC Summer School at any time it is of interest and convenience for the respective Member Association.

Shortly after the bid is submitted by the Member Association, they will be informed if they have been successful. 

For more details around the bidding procedure, please download the Bidding Document 

In case you are interested in hosting a RSL BEC Summer School, please download the Host Application form .

For more information around, please contact BEC Manager, Tania Teoh at in the BEC office.