Olympic Scholarships for Coaches

The objective of this programme is to allow coaches officially recognised by their National Federation (NF) and active in their country to benefit from continuous high-level training and acquire experience and know-how, which they will then be responsible for placing at the service of their national sports system.

The candidate coach for an Olympic scholarship must:

  • Belong to a federation whose sport is on the Olympic programme;
  • Have an official coaching qualification recognised in their country of origin and/or by the International Federation (IF) concerned;
  • Be active and be able to show proof of practical experience as a national, regional and/or international level coach; and
  • Undertake to pass on their knowledge and continue to develop their sport in their country after the training.

Olympic Solidarity requests that the NOCs put forward – insofar as possible – an equal number of male and female candidates, and that at least one to two female candidatures be submitted during the quadrennial plan.

Olympic Solidarity will, in principle, grant one to two scholarships per year and per NOC.