Youth Olympic Games - Athlete Support

To offer National Olympic Committees (NOCs) assistance to identify, qualify and prepare young athletes in view of their selection to participate in the Summer Youth Olympic Games.

Athlete profile: The profile of the athlete to be included in this programme is as follows: 
  • Young athletes who have the potential to qualify for and participate in the Youth Olympic Games (Summer); 
  • Athletes who practise a sport that is included in the Summer Olympic Games programme; 
  • Athletes identified by the NOC or the International Federation (IF) thanks to outstanding results during international or continental youth competitions; 
  • Athletes identified by their NOC to benefit from Universality Places (UPs) available to participate in the Youth Olympic Games. 
This programme offers the NOCs technical and financial assistance to identify young talented athletes and to qualify and prepare them for the Youth Olympic Games. 

The programme offers the NOCs three separate options during the 2017–2020 quadrennial in order to respond to the pre-Youth Olympic Games phases for the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018 and Lausanne 2020: 

Option 1 - Identification
Offer technical and financial assistance to NOCs for the organisation of specific activities related to the identification and training of young athletes.
  • Create a national talent identification structure; 
  • Continue to develop existing programmes in collaboration with the IFs and National Federations (NFs); 
  • Collaborate with existing national programmes; 
  • Organisation of short-term national or international talent identification projects and training camps; 
  • Train youth athletes with a view to their being selected for YOG qualification events; and 
  • Implement learn and share initiatives. 
A limited number of highly talented young individual athletes, identified by the IFs through results at continental and international junior competitions, will be offered variable-term training courses, organised by the IFs.

Option 2 - YOG Qualification 
To offer financial assistance to NOCs for the participation of young athletes in qualification competitions for the Youth Olympic Games. 

Option 3 - YOG Preparation Grants 
A maximum of eight individual training grants (balanced number for men and women) for young athletes, confirmed as participating (qualification or UPs) in the Youth Olympic Games, to cover their training and coaching costs. 

For NOCs with traditionally large YOG delegations that could provide more than 8 training grants, a general preparation grant will instead be offered.